We have a wide selection of newer machines to fill you needs as:
• Temporary replacement: to prevent loss of work while your machine is being serviced.
• Extra machine: to boost your cleaning and surface preparation efficiency for that extra large job you just landed
• Alternative to owning: to enhance your current cleaning/surface preparation capabilities for that specialized job
• Try before you buy: to give the machine you are thinking about buying an on-the-job trial run

We can offer helpful jobsite evaluation and recommendation of proper equipment for your jobsite requirements such as:
• On site operator training
• Rentals by Day, Week, Month or Meter
• Convenient scheduling
• Pickup and delivery available
• Rent to own options

Choose from our impressive inventory of equipment for industrial cleaning and surface preparation.
• Grinding Machines
• Floor Planers/Scarifiers

• Dust Collectors -Industrial Vacuumers
• Coring Machine
• Injection Pumps
• Electrical Trowel Machine
• Epoxy Screed Box