About Us

The services available through our company include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Repairing Concrete.
  2. All Kinds of Coating :
    1. Concrete Coating.
    2. Water Tank Coating.
    3. Steel Coating.
    4. Sand / Grit blasting, Coating & Painting.
    5. Interior Decoration.
  3. Coring Work.
  4. Chemical Injection for Concrete.
  5. Rental of Equipment Related to our Business.

All the safety items required to carry out the work safely will be provided by the company to the employees.

JGC has complete resources to suit the particular requirements and needs.

Management, supervisor & Constructional Personnel
Administration 02
Business Development 01
Procurement 01
Supervision 02
Technical / Support 01
Skilled Professional 04
Semi Skilled / Non Professional 12
Construction Equipment
JGC owns equipment necessary to complete small to medium size projects. JGC will hire any necessary equipment for any specific project.

Grinding Machines 15 No
Floor Planers/Scarifiers Machines 03 No
Dust Collectors/ Vacuum Machines 18 No
Coring Machines 04 No
Injection Pumps Machine for Epoxy/Polyurethane 05 No
Epoxy/ Polyurethane Screed Box 04 No
Electrical Trowel Machine for Epoxy/Polyurethane 06 No